Pre-existing Medical Conditions

We at Campbell Irvine understand that many intrepid travellers have Medical Conditions. The Campbell Irvine Direct travel insurance excludes cover for certain medical conditions that exist before the policy is purchased defined as Pre-existing Medical Conditions. For this reason we offer an optional Medical Screening Helpline service for those wishing to establish if additional cover can be provided for any known medical condition.

If you have a medical condition that you wish to disclose, please contact our Medical Screening Helpline on 01702 427237.

Our Medical Screening Helpline is open on week days from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays 10am to 4pm. Please ensure that you have your Credit or Debit Card details at hand as there may be an additional premium to cover your medical condition.

Please note any additional premium quoted is optional, if you elect not to disclose your condition or choose not to take advantage of the terms quoted, you will not have invalidated your policy, however the Insurers reserve the right to decline any claims arising from the medical condition for which the additional premium has not been paid and extra cover agreed and sent to you in writing.

The policy exclusion relating to known medical conditions is not limited to named insured persons travelling under the policy, but also extends to include non travelling persons upon whom the trip depends such as a close relative.

Please note that Insurers define a Pre-existing Medical Condition as:

a) Any respiratory condition (relating to the lungs or breathing), heart condition, stroke, Crohn's disease, epilepsy, allergy, cancer, psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety, stress and depression for which you have received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations by your doctor or a consultant/specialist or prescribed medication) in the last five years.

b) Any medical condition for which you have received surgery, in-patient treatment or investigations in a hospital or clinic within the last 12 months, or are prescribed medication.